Saturday, November 29, 2008

Leveraging the power of data analytics

I have long wanted to share my passion for data crunching and analysis and hypothesize about why some people do it better than others inspite of sophisticated software available to all for the same.

Is there a method to the madness or is this more art than science or more science than art?

I am a statistician and I analyse data using sophisticated approaches. Most people either look at me with awe or thier eyes glaze over at this work description. Alas, the work conversation does not go further than that. At my first research job when I stated I do modeling-they actually thought it was of the ramp variety! While most of my friends have long conversations about thier jobs, it's usually hard to find people who display the same enthusiasm about mine.

I love what I do and there are a lot like me slaving away at thier desks who get a kick out of making sense of reams of data. It's exciting, nervewracking, fun, hard, exhausting and so much more. A good analysis is like a poem that you finally understand after reading it scores of times(and thinking you got it).

Well, enough said for now-I need to dig out the old scrapbook on everything I wanted to rant about each time I finished a project but did not do because the next project started. More later on that...

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