Saturday, November 29, 2008

About Anuradha@Numbersspeak

Anuradha@Numbersspeak is a weekly blog dedicated to statistics and analytics and their use in the real business world, run by New Delhi based statistician Anuradha Sharma.

Started in November 2008, it features views on statistics and it's applications along with reviews of articles, books, products and software on the analytics industry. In addition, Anuradha@Numbersspeak has a separate section dedicated to covering emerging techniques and trends in the industry.

Anuradha@Numbersspeak contributor, Anuradha Sharma has a unique angle on the industry bringing in a blend of hard technical rigor with deep business insight. She has worked as a market researcher at ORG-MARG, India's premier market research company and as a risk analyst at GE-SBI. In addition, Anuradha has served as the technical think tank and Chief Analytics Officer for Marketics, an analytics startup that was acquired in 2007 by WNS, a leading global knowledge outsourcing provider. At Marketics she led the thought and vision in both the CRM and Consumer analytics space.

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